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Taken by Water

Christine Burrus, Taken by Water, Oil, 36 x 36, Framed

Final Offering

Louise Lacey-Rokosh, Final Offering, Oil, 12 x 12, Framed

Out for a Cruise

Connie Kirkpatrick, Oil, Out for a Cruise, 16 x 12, Framed

Dancing Daisys

Jane Wansbrough, Dancing Daisys, Mixed Medium: Acrylic, Glass Beads, Ink, 14 x 14, Framed


Jane Wansbrough, Burst, Acrylic and Ink, 24 x 36, Unframed

Vista del Pacifico

Karin Schubert, Vista del Pacifico, Watercolour with Pastel, 16.5 x 10, Framed