Molly’s Success Story

Youth Molly 15 years,  old chose to move  into Eleanor’s House to seek support for her safety due to her involvement in internet sexual exploitation and daily safety concerns of placing herself in high risk situations. Feeling scared and ashamed, Molly was not able to cope and would often engage in self-harm to relieve the emotional pain she was feeling. The oldest of 3 siblings, Molly had already experienced several years of conflict in the family home, to the extent that she was not permitted to be visiting family members in the home unsupervised.

Molly resided at Eleanor’s House for a duration of 10 months and achieved significant success in multiple areas. Molly was able to develop healthy relationships with staff members, peers in her community, and most importantly herself.

Prior to Eleanor’s House Molly struggled with her attendance at school due to peer conflict and low self-confidence. While at Eleanor’s House Molly was able to re- connect to a community school, she attended regularly and currently continues to pursue her high school education. Molly attended groups   to learn about internet safety, sexual exploitation, self-esteem, positive relationships and healthy coping strategies.  Molly enjoyed meeting with staff daily and worked with determination on her goals to better herself in all the areas that both she, and her Mother, had identified.

Molly continues to attend mainstream high school and has expressed that she feels better able to make safer and more responsible decisions in the community. Molly participated eagerly in all experiential learning and specialized recreational activities while at Eleanor’s House and gained the confidence to assert herself as a leader for new peers moving into the program.  Molly demonstrated pride in how far she had come, and all that she has accomplished.

Molly also demonstrated commitment in attending family counselling weekly to rebuild her family relationships and focus on a safe and healthy transition home. Despite multiple challenges that were out of her control,  this (along with all the other dedicated work and growth that Molly achieved)  resulted in the opportunity for Eleanor’s House staff members to support Molly and her family in developing an active transition plan back into the family home.


Youth Molly

15 years Old

Eleanor’s House Resident