Silent Auction

Silent Auction Rules

The Auction opens on Friday, December 8 at 11am and closes on Friday, December 15 at 2pm.

Bidding will be done at the Sports Office except at certain times where a bidding table is set up at the auction site.

Bidding will be done in minimum increments of $5 or $10.  Paintings with a reserve bid of under $500 require a $5 raise while paintings with a reserve bid of $500 or more require a $10 increase.  No bids under the defined minimum increment will be accepted.

All sales are final.  Winning bids will be paid by account.

Items will be available for pick-up after 2:30pm on Friday, December 15.  Pick-up can be done at the Sports Office.  All items should be picked up by the end of the day on Sunday, December 17.  If this is not possible, the person with the winning bid should contact Beth at to arrange another time.

Christine Burrus

I’ve been painting for almost 20 years.  I started out of necessity when my 3 boys left home in search of their new beginning.

My work brings me back to my childhood.  Running free in the fields, exploring nature everywhere I could.  My home was located near bays, bluffs and Lake Ontario was at my doorstep.

My work is loose, bold and colorful.  Perfectly imperfect!

Visit my Instagram page christineburrusartist to view more of my work.

Barbara Cassidy

Barbara Cassidy is a visual artist, painting in oil on canvas. She has been painting for over twenty years. She likes to paint landscapes, particularly scenes of Sandy Beach, Southern Alberta and Waterton Park. Lately, she has moved toward a looser style using a palette knife and is enjoying painting urban scenes of Chicago and Toronto in abstract. Barbara enjoys painting with a group of women who experiment with a wide variety of subject matter and styles.  She is a long time Glencoe member and resides close by with her husband and teen children.

Theresa Cassidy

Theresa Cassidy is an artist who paints in oil on canvas. Theresa has been painting for over 15 years. She enjoys painting a variety of animals including portraits of dogs and horses. She has also done cowboy portraits and landscapes of Southern Alberta, particularly Waterton Park. She often paints scenes of her travels to Italy and South America. Theresa is a long time Glencoe member and enjoys playing in the ladies badminton ladder. She is often seen by the club walking her dog, as she lives nearby with her husband. Theresa has two grown children.

Chlan Grant

Like most successful artists, I was born with a yearning for creativity. I grew up Saskatchewan. I studied Fine Art at the University of Saskatchewan and ACAD. I continue to push myself “outside the box” of creativity.

Art is a way of life for me. I live creatively. The most rewarding part of what I do is share my art and make a positive impact on the viewer.

Another inspiring part of what I do is share my passion for art by teaching kids. I offer “Family Painting” instruction. Families join me in my studio & I assist them in creating a beautiful painting to hang in their home or give as a gift to parents or Grandparents.

I also work with fundraising committees in schools and create art with the students. I give students a vehicle to raise money for their school through art. I have helped raise over $350,000 for schools in the Calgary area.

Josie Kirkpatrick

Josie Kirkpatrick is a landscape artist who studied Fine Arts at Bishop’s University and then studied Education of the Arts at the University of Toronto. She is inspired by water, mountains and sunsets. She does commission work of animals, more detailed landscapes and art for children. These two pieces are more abstract paintings compared to her more detailed work.

Louise Lacey-Rokosh

As a prairie born artist, the allure of the low Canadian evening light with its long shadows is present in almost every one of CL Lacey’s oil paintings whether it’s source is still life, figurative, or landscape. A long history of Canadian painters  from Tom Thomson to contemporary artists such as RFM McInnis and Mike Svob have influenced Louise (as well as generations of artists) to explore and expand on the unique elements of Canadian light and colour. Louise has won numerous competitions in Indiana USA, and has paintings in private collections throughout Canada and the United States.

Todd Lachance

Spending a lot of time outdoors and immersing myself in the geography of my subject, I try to work in natural settings and from life as much as possible. This is reflected in my artwork. In the studio, larger paintings are created from smaller outdoor sketches. This was a process I learned from by the likes of Tom Thomson. I am self-educated. I travel to seek out paintings by the masters that inspire me. By seeking out these artists I can learn from their work.  Like my predecessors, I am fascinated with light and colour and how it affects our world. This is what I paint.

Sabine Lecorre-Moore

Sabine Lecorre-Moore was born in Montréal and grew up in France. In 1990, she moved to Calgary where she ran a decorative art business for 15 years. Since 2005, she has devoted herself to her artistic career and participates regularly in solo and group exhibitions.

Christie Simmons

Hold your own private house concert with singer/songwriter Christie Simmons (and trio).

House concerts are rapidly becoming one of the most popular musical experiences for both musicians and audiences. The warm, intimate environment helps forge a unique connection between artist and audience and the results are often described as magical. If you’re looking for an extraordinary touch to add to a milestone event, a special occasion or you simply yearn for some magic, here’s your chance.

Christie Simmons is a Calgary-bred singer/songwriter whose diverse musical experiences stretch from renaissance recorders and sackbuts to Appalachian banjo. The strong, intelligent lyrics and raw melodies of the roots/Americana world inform her largely acoustic, elegant, Celtic-stained songs.

“With a writer’s sense of story, a poet’s gift for the colourful turn of phrase, and a Celtic musician’s ear for melody, Winnie’s Song is a delightfully rich debut from singer/songwriter Christie Simmons.”

David Ward — CKUA

Jane Wansbrough

Originally from Toronto, after twenty years, I now call Calgary home.

Art has always been a part of who I am. I have taken courses throughout my life, in high school, in university, and more recently in Calgary.  I’ve taken courses offered by artists Joy Kaitman, Caroline Ashley, and Danielle Bartlette.

After years of being involved in athletic activities, my professional career, and bringing up my three boys who were (are) active ski racers, at a National level, my time has come to create again!

I am enjoying the creative process once again!


I think I’ve been an artist all my life. It’s a way of living life…an approach, it’s a way of seeing colours, shapes, and energy flow in life.

The contemporary art that I create is all about colour, flow and form. I am driven and inspired by creating a feeling in my art. Our changing world, our changing seasons, our growing children, our relationships, our passions…all feed the emotions and energies that I use to develop my paintings.

My love of colour and design and the flow between the two is what I find intriguing…it feeds my creative fire.

My desire is to create paintings that evoke positive, beautiful feelings.

Opening Minds Through Art (OMA)

OMA is an intergenerational art program that allows older adults who are showing signs of dementia to express themselves creatively. The Glencoe Club is proud to be one of the first to bring the OMA process to Canada and the only club of its kind to offer the OMA program to its members.

YV was born and raised in Alberta and is a retired nurse. She has a passion for travelling and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchild. YV is currently a participant in the Opening Minds through Art (OMA) program.

KT is a Calgary native and a retired engineer. He spent his early days guiding in the Rocky Mountains on horseback and flying small airplanes. He enjoys spending time with animals, especially his dog, Jaxon. KT is currently a participant in the Opening Minds through Art (OMA) program.