Dancing Daisys

Dancing Daisys

Jane Wansbrough, Dancing Daisys, Mixed Medium:  Acrylic, Glass Beads, Ink, 14 x 14, Framed

Originally from Toronto, after twenty years, I now call Calgary home.

Art has always been a part of who I am. I have taken courses throughout my life, in high school, in university, and more recently in Calgary.  I've taken courses offered by artists Joy Kaitman, Caroline Ashley, and Danielle Bartlette.

After years of being involved in athletic activities, my professional career, and bringing up my three boys who were (are) active ski racers, at a National level, my time has come to create again!

I am enjoying the creative process once again!


I think I've been an artist all my life. It's a way of living life...an approach, it's a way of seeing colours, shapes, and energy flow in life.

The contemporary art that I create is all about colour, flow and form. I am driven and inspired by creating a feeling in my art. Our changing world, our changing seasons, our growing children, our relationships, our passions...all feed the emotions and energies that I use to develop my paintings.

My love of colour and design and the flow between the two is what I find intriguing...it feeds my creative fire.

My desire is to create paintings that evoke positive, beautiful feelings.