Dancing in the Street

Dancing in the Street

Pat Devlin, Dancing in the Street, Oil, 34 x 24, Framed

Pat Devlin is a Canadian artist based in Calgary, Alberta.

Over the past 15 years Pat has been painting and taking courses to develop a painterly style she describes as impressionistic realism. “I try to capture the image I see as well as the feelings that image evokes in me.”

To do this, Pat paints exclusively in oil. “For me, working in oils heightens the creative experience because oil is so versatile. It can be applied in thick sweeping movements with a pallet knife, in quick strokes with a brush, or my personal favourite, with my fingertips.”

An avid traveler and photographer, Pat has taken photos from her adventures and translated them using paint and canvas. “I’ve been very lucky to have travelled to New Orleans and captured some amazing street musicians who I just had to paint. And then there was a trip to Paris and Monet’s garden…don’t get me started on that one!”

Between trips, Pat is happy to explore the beauty of central Alberta on her bicycle. “We have some of the most amazing scenery and incredible light here in Alberta that together create scenes that just beg to be painted.” And she’s happy to do just that.

Pat’s artwork has been exhibited in a number of Calgary juried shows at Wine Ink, Midtown Mosaic, Art Point, Calyx and Beacon.