Mid-Summer Canola

Mid-Summer Canola

Lisa Thomson, Mid-Summer Canola, Oil, 12 x 16, Framed

Inspired by the Impressionists, Lisa loves to inject brilliant light in her paintings, and uses vibrant colors.

Lisa’s parents introduced her, from an early age, to appreciate the grandeur of nature. Using primarily oils, Lisa strives to capture nature’s beauty on canvas, using the subtleties of light as a dominant theme.

In her paintings, Lisa tries to capture the essence of natural life – the grand vistas of the prairies, the power of the mountains, playful colors in gardens and the peacefulness of water. She has been painting for 40 years and has studied under a number of artists.  Over this time she has worked with different media, explored various styles and experimented with different color palettes.

Photography is another of Lisa’s passions, and she often uses her camera to capture the scenes that she paints.

Lisa was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and resides there with her husband and two children. She is an avid skier, runner and swimmer, and spends a lot of time in Banff during the winter and at Sylvan Lake in the summer months.

Tel: (403)804-1690  www.lisathomson.com  aliza@lisathomson.com