Out for a Cruise

Out for a Cruise

Connie Kirkpatrick, Oil, Out for a Cruise, 16 x 12, Framed

Connie Kirkpatrick is an art historian and freelance art consultant.

She is one of the original founders of ARTWALK. Her projects have included arranging juried invitational art competitions in public spaces such as the British Petroleum building, Standard Life and Sunlife.

Connie has been commissioned to choose exemplary original artworks for several private and corporate clients such as accounting and law firms. The Hyatt Hotel’s canoe paintings by David Thauberger and those around the ballroom were sourced and arranged by Kirkpatrick Fine Arts. Artwork is located from galleries, auctions and artist’s studios.

The sculptural discs at the Glencoe stairwell entrance and the ballroom art pieces were suggested and arranged for the Glencoe art committee. Further acquisitions and services can be seen on her website www.kirkpatrickfinearts.com (there is an s).

Where do the cow and car fit in ?

In her spare time she does some artwork for her daughter Kelly Kirkpatrick’s online kids fine art site: Ednasroom.com that sells original artwork for kids. She also takes painting lessons when she isn’t working with clients.  People say that must be fun – I say it is hard work!