Simply White

Simply White

Megan Darling, Simply White, Oil, 36 x 36, Unframed

My name is Megan Darling and I have been painting since I was given my first set of paints at 13.

With a minor degree in fine arts and the opportunity to train under three different gifted teachers, I developed as an artist and today am still continually growing and learning.

I am thankful for the opportunity to create and be creative.

I enjoy painting with only oils but use a variety of tools such as brushes and pallet knives, fingers, cloth, and I paint in a variety of styles. I choose not to restrict myself to one way or style but feel I can adapt to the subject matter and what works best for that painting.  Loose and lively, abstract and colorful, tight and tonal, thin paint application or thick…always a challenge and always fun!

You can find my work and contact me for commissions on Instagram - Megandarling59