Through the Monida Pass

Through the Monida Pass

Karin Schubert, Through the Monida Pass, Watercolour, 16.5 x 10, Framed

Karin T. Schubert was born near Vegreville, Alberta and has lived in Alberta most of her life, although alternating in the last few years between homes here and Mexico. She first started working as an artist in her teens, and has been working on artistic projects since; graduating from the University of Alberta in 1975 with a B.Ed. majoring in art.  As she lives in the country, Karin has lately mostly been painting the rich and colourful landscapes that surround her homes and studios, painting in watercolours en plein aire, and also working in the studio.

She has also been working on bronze sculptures for the past several years.

She prefers to work from her personal sketches and photographs.

Contact Her:

403 999 4615 (Canada)